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  1. Agriculture Spray Hose

    Description: Flexible spray hose made in a special PVC compound stabilized against UV rays. The hose is reinforced in high tensile polyester reinforcing yarn

    Application: Spraying of agriculture pesticides and fertilizers.


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  2. Air Seeder PVC

    Type: PVC Suction or Delivery - Air Seeder Hose

    Description: Clear Black Air Seeder Hose Recommended Use: For dry conveying of seeds and grains in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary air seeder lines, can also be used for suction or delivery of water & other media.


    • Conforms to AS/NZS 2070 (Plastics for food contact). 

    • Medium duty flexible Clear PVC hose with a rigid Black PVC helix. 

    • Smooth inner bore to reduce friction losses. 

    • Operating temperature from -5⁰c to +60⁰c. 

    • Excellent Abrasion resistance 

    • Good Resistance to chemicals 

    • Soft Compound to assist in ease of installation 

    • Class leading UV resistance.

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  3. Apollo Super Elastic PVC S&D

    Type: PVC Suction - Super Elastic S&D Hose

    Colour: light blue with an extruded red stripe.
    Temperature range: - 25°C + 60°C
    Features: Pvc hose reinforced with an anti-shock rigid Pvc spiral. 
    Special formulation particularly suitable to be used at low temperatures. Inside surface smooth, light corrugation outside. Strong and flexible, resistant to crushing, abrasion, atmospherical agents and most chemicals.
    Applications: excellent for suction in general, particularly suitable to be used on tank trucks thanks to its physical- mechanical features.
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  4. Arianna 20 BAR Beige PVC

    Type: Arianna 20 BAR

    Colour: outside beige, inside black.

    Temperature range: -10°C + 60°C / +14°F + 140°F.


    * flexible hose in special PVC compound stabilized against UV rays.

    * High tenacity polyester yarn reinforcement.

    * Resistant to several chemicals, weather and ozone.

    Applications: in agriculture for spraying of pesticides and fertilizers.

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  5. Arianna 40 BAR PVC

    Type: Arianna 40 Bar

    Colour: inside and outside completely black with a light blue stripe

    Temperature range: -10°C +60°C

    Working pressure: 40 bar

    Suitable for:

    Application: Chemical Hoses and Ductings
    Industry: Waste Management, Agriculture


    Flexible PVC hose reinforced with a braided polyester thread. Resistant to most chemicals and weather agents. Inside and outside completely black with a light blue stripe.

    Extremely smooth inside and outside to ensure the optimization of flow.

    Resistant to several chemicals, weather conditions, microbes, hydrolysis, ageing, ozone, UV.

    Application: In agriculture, delivery pressure hose of fungicide solutions also containing mineral oils for agriculture spraying.

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  6. Arianna Bio PVC

    Type: ARIANNA BIO - PVC Reinforced Food Grade Pressure Hose

    Temperature: -10°C + 60°C

    Features: flexible hose made with a revolutionary BIOLOGICAL PVC, coming from renewable natural sources.

    High tenacity polyester reinforcement.

    Furthermore the hose is compliant with FDA regulations.

    Completely free of phthalates and other sintetic plasticizers.

    The material allows to save CO2 emissions.

    Resistant to atmospherical agents and to a lot of chemical substances.

    Transparent hose produced with a special bio-based compound, obtained from natural energy sources, which production allows to save CO2 emissions and a high tenacity polyester reinforcement. Resistant to several chemicals and to weather conditions.

    Application: Ideal solution for delivery of food liquids, beverages, fruit juices, wine and liquors with up to 50% alcohol concentration as well as for the passage of milk and dairy products, according to FDA CFR. 21 (item 176.170) and to Reg. EU 10/2011 (classes A, B, C, D1). It is often used for filling machines and dispensers.

    Application: Food Hose, Bio Range Hoses

    Industry: Agriculture, Waste Management, Bio Compounds, Food


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  7. Bacco PVC Food & Beverage

    Type: PVC Suction - Food S&D Hose

    Colour: Clear with red spiral

    Temperature range: -10°C + 60°C 14°F + 140°F

    Features: Transparent PVC hose with a red anti-shock rigid PVC spiral. Smooth inside, strong and resistant to fatigue, weather, and most chemical products. The hard plastic helix is food grade as well as the wall, making Bacco a total food hose. Antistatic version on request.

    Applications: Food industry - suction and delivery of liquids in general (beverages, juices, vinegar, wines and liquours with alcohol concentration up to 50%). Food grade according to EU Reg.10/2011 (classes A, B, C and D1)


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  8. Ball Valve FIP Union PVC

    Type : PVC/Nylon Ball Valve

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  9. Clear PVC Non Toxic Tube

    Description: Food Contact Flexible PVC Compound. The material is manufactured with ingredients approved under AS2070 Part 8 for aqueous food contact. Crystal Clear PVC tube for low pressure applications suitable for portable water, lab testing, food stuffs and beverages. Ideal for low pressure pneumatic lines, liquid transfer and vacuum

    Material: Non Toxic Tube Grade Material

    Application: Extruded tubing for aqueous food contact. This product has been used for soft drink flavours etc, however some beverages with delicate flavours eg. beer and wine, should be checked. Not suitable for prolonged outdoor exposure

    Typical Results Hardness: A80±3 Shore (A2 Hardness - conforms to ASTM 2240)

    Tensile Strength: 19.0N/mm²

    Elongation At Break: 295%

    Chemical Resistance: Resistant to dilute acids and alkalo at room temperature. Rapid degradation upon contact with acetals and amine containing materials during processing

    Minimum Working Temperature: -15°C

    Maximum Working Temperature: 60°C

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  10. Compact White PVC Ball Valve

    Type : PVC/Nylon Ball Valve

    Key Features:

    • 150 PSI @ 73°F
    • Economy pattern
    • White color
    • Lightweight, easy to handle or transport
    • Soft colors and excellent design, suitable for installation either exposed or hidden
    • Wonderful ability in chemical corrosion resistance
    • Easy and fast installation; making cost minimized
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  11. Drinking Water Hose

    Features: Excellent UV resistance to withstand extreme NZ conditions. Specially manufactured as to not taint water. AS2070 (non toxic food grade) Made especially for the conveyance of drinking water. This makes it popular within the caravan, boating and recreational vehicle industries. Meter marked to make measuring and cutting easier. Construction: Inner core: White non tainting polyolefin with a smooth finish.

    Reinforcing: High tenacity polyester yarn. Outer cover: UV stabilised clear polyolefin with a smooth finish.


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  12. Eolo PU Food Ducting

    Type: PVC - Ducting Food Hose

    Temperature range: -40°c+80°c -40°F + 176°F

    Features: Features:  Transparent ether based TPU wall, with ivory anti-shock rigid PVC spiral. Smooth inside, corrugated outside. Light duty product, extremely resistant to abrasion and flexion as well as to Hydrolysis and microbes attacks. This hose features high mechanical properties. PU wall thickness from 0,4 to 0,8 mm. Antistatic version on request.

    Food grade according to FDA Reg. CFR 21 -Item 177.2600 (dry (d), Aqueous(e) and fatty (f) food) and to  EU Regulation 10/2011, (classes A,B,C,D2- dry food)

    Applications: Food industry: suction of liquids and dry food such as grains, animal feed, sugar, flour etc. Suitable for fatty foods.
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  13. Eolo PUP Antistatic Food Ducting

    Type: PU - Antistatic Food Ducting

    Brand: IPL

    Color: transparent with ivory spiral.

    Temperature range: -20°c+80°C -4°F + 176°F

    Features: Ether based PU wall, food grade, with antishock rigid PVC spiral. Smooth inside, corrugated outside. Light, flexible, extremely resistant to abrasion and flexion, this hose features high mechanical properties. Resistant to many chemicals. Antistatic version with copper wire.

    Application: Food Hose - medium suction of dry food such as grains, animal feed, sugar, flour according to EC Directives and Regulations*.


    Industry: Agriculture, Food, Abrasive Powders, Antistatic Version, Grain and Seed Drill, Microbes Resistant, Street Cleaning, Leaf Collection and Paddock Cleaning



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  14. Eolo Smooth Bore PVC Ducting

    Type: PVC - Ducting Hose

    Colour: grey

    Temperature range: -10°C +50°C

    Features: Plasticized Pvc duct with antishock rigid PVC spiral. Perfectly smooth inside, outside corrugated. Very light and flexible. Resistant to atmospherical agents and to most chemicals.

    Applications: Suction of air, fumes, gas, powders, sawing, dust. Air conditioning and ventilation systems, dust extraction, woodworking processing plants.

    Can be manufactured antistatic upon request.


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  15. Eolo Termoresistente PVC

    Type: PVC - Eolo Termoresistente

    Grey hose made of flame resistant PVC coated with polyester fabric, reinforced with a steel wire. The steel helix is welded between 2 fabric layers.

    Axial compressibility 8:1.

    Colour: Grey

    Temperature range: From -20°C to 100°C (peaks 120°C)

    Features: Flexible duct made of flame resistant Pvc coated polyester fabric and reinforced by steel helix welded between the two layers.

    Axial compressibility: 8:1

    Applications: Industrial and naval conditioning plants, ventilation systems, suction of fumes, vapors, powders, gas


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  16. Filler PVC Strip
  17. Goodyear Grassvac PVC Ducting

    Type: PVC - Grassvac Hose

    Application: For lawn, leaf, mulch, and yard waste collection. It is also suitable for dust control, ventilation, and ducting.

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  18. Kanaline FW PVC Foodgrade S&D Hose

    Type: PVC Heavy-duty food grade suction and discharge hose

    Temp. Range: -13°F to 140°F

    Applications: Heavy-duty food grade suction and discharge hose for bottling, wine making, canning, dairy, brewing and liquid foods

    Construction: Produced entirely of compounds in compliance with FDA and 3-A nontoxic specifications, flexible PVC, rigid PVC helix, synthetic braiding, smooth bore, corrugated O.D.

    Features: Lightweight and flexible. External helix provides for easy drag. Rated for both suction and discharge. Clear sidewall permits visual check of material flow.

    Note: Banding coil must be used for all sizes.

    Industrial Applications: Food, Wine, Dairy


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  19. Marineflex Bilge Black PVC

    Type: PVC Suction - Bilge Hose Black

    Features: Black PVC hose with a rigid PVC helix. Excellent flexibility.

    Applications: Discharge hose for Bilge pumps. Dust extraction ducting. Cable conduit.

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  20. Marte AO Oil Resist PVC S&D Blue

    Type: PVC Suction - Oil/Chemical S&D Hose

    Colour: blue
    Temperature range: from – 10°C to + 60°C (14F / 140F)
    Features: hose in special antimigration PVC compound reinforced with an antishock rigid PVC spiral, it’s resistant to abrasion, aging, atmospheric agents and ozone. Available on request also in the antistatic version.
    Applications: for suction and delivery of mineral oil, lubricants, crude oils (naphta and diesel oil).
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