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  1. Hot Tar & Asphalt Hose

    Type : Rubber - HotTar & Asphalt Hose

    Description: Hot Tar and Asphalt hose has been designed to handle the transfer of hot asphaltic materials between trucks, rail transport cars, storage tanks and disposing units. The specially compounded CR tube and cover are exceptionally heat resistant (tube to +350°F) as well as being strong and durable. The spiral synthetic cord and helical wire reinforcement allow this hose to work at 150 psi.

    Cover Color: Black

    Oil Resistance: Medium

    Tube: CR, suitable to +350°F

    Reinforcement: Spiral synthetic cord with spiral helix(es) inserted

    Temperature Range: -20°F to +350°F -29°C to +177°C

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  2. Oil Seven Bitumen - Asphalt & Tar

    Type : Asphalt and tar hose, wire reinforced Rubber Hose - Oil Seven Bitumen Hose

    Standards: EN 13482:2001.

    Application: hardwall hose designed for the loading and unloading of hot asphalt and tar on tank trucks, tank wagons, and dock service.

    Temperature: from -15°C (+5°F) to +200°C (+392°F).

    Construction Tube: black, smooth, synthetic rubber.

    Reinforcement: plies of steel wire cord plus helix wire.

    Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish), synthetic rubber, weathering, ozone, abrasion, asphalt, and oil resistant.

    Brand: IVG


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