Spiralpress Eno

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Spiralpress Eno

Type: PVC Food Grade Hose, Wine Hose

Clear hose made by plasticized vinylic compound with a red anti-shock rigid PVC spiral and polyester reinforcement; specially conceived for the wine industry and where a good resistance to high pressures is required. Food grade hose wall and spiral. 


• Plasticized vinylic compound
• Textile reinforcement
• Antishock rigid PVC spiral
• Banding coil available for the whole diameter range

Food grade according to EU 10/2011 (classes A, B, C, D1)

Delivery of liquids, vinegar, wines and spirits with alcohol concentration up to 50%.

Colour: Clear with red spiral
Temperature range: -10°C +60°C

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Part NumberNameInner Diameter
Working pressure
Burst pressure
Weight nominal
Bending radius
Coil Length
28 051 Spiralpress Eno 51mm  51  7  21  1120  230  9.5  179
28 076 Spiralpress Eno 76mm  76  6  18  1940  380  9  225
28 0102 Spiralpress Eno 102mm  102  6  18  2700  520  9  240

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