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  1. AB Series Air Brake Hose

    Type: Rubber - Air Brake Hose


    > Superior EPDM rubber resists damaging effects of ozone and heat, plus harmful grease and oil common to air brake systems.
    > Four spiral construction meets SAE J1402 specifications. Complies with DOT FMVSS 106 requirements.
    > Flexible and kink-resistant.
    > Designed to accept all styles of air brake couplings, including conventional brass and plastic couplings.

    Temperature rating: –40°C to +100°C



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  2. Anka Hose Nozzles

    Hose Nozzles are strong and robust with a quick action on/off movement to a fully adjustable spray pattern. This gives very high flow rates to insure a fast wash-down time.
    Using high quality industrial plastics, the hose nozzles give greater impact resistance.


    - Uniquely designed outer ring; which protects the nozzle from high impact and excessive wear.
    - Quick Action on/off; for complete control
    - Fully adjustable; wide spray pattern to a full bore flow.
    - Serviceable; nozzles can be taken apart for servicing. Service kits available.

    Applications: Dairy wash-down, Truck wash, Yard wash-down, Fire fighting, Meat works, Marine


    Body : Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon
    O Ring : Nitrile Rubber
    Nut & Bolt : 302 Stainless Steel
    Threads: BSPT

    Maximum Working Pressure:
    7 bar (700 kpa – 100 psi) @ 20°c

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  3. Anka Trigger Spray Gun

    Trigger Spray Gun

    Made from high quality industrial plastics, the new Trigger Spray Gun is solid in design with practical features ideal for all 3/4" and 1/2" hose applications around the home, farm or boat.


    - Unique Design
    - Protective Outer Ring
    - Quick Action Trigger ON/OFF
    - Clip On Trigger
    - High Flow


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  4. Boat Sanitary Star

    Type : Rubber - Boat Sanitary Hose

    Description: Flexible, pleasure boat sanitary hose, odourless and odor impermeable, according to EN ISO 8099.

    Specifications: EN ISO 8099.

    hardwall flexible hose designed to convey water used for water supply and sanitary connections in boats. Completely odourless, and odor impermeable. “The hose is guaranted for at least 5 years against permation of smells”.

    Temperature: from -30°C (-22°F) to +100°C (+212°F).
    Brand: IVG


    Tube: white, smooth, synthetic rubber, completely odourless and odor impermeable.
    Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord plus steel helix wire.
    Cover: white, smooth (wrapped finish), synthetic rubber, resistant to sea agents.

    Available upon request
    1.Different diameters.
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  5. Butyl-lined Smooth Bore Petrochemical Suction & Discharge Hose Type 383B

    Applications: Lightweight, flexible hoses offering easy handling. Generally used at dockside and jetty locations where the working conditions do not call for high crush resistance or tensile strength.

    Working / Burst Pressures: 15 / 60 Bar 

    Operating Temperature (all sizes): -30°C to +70°C

    Lining: Synthetic rubber compound (Chlorobutyl) suitable for industrial chemical applications

    Main reinforcement: Multiple plies of high tenacity rayon cord designed for a combination of high strength and resistance to fatigue. Each layer is fully encapsulated in rubber to prevent abrasion with adjacent layers.

    Embed wire: Helical steel wire to resist collapse and crush loads

    Holding ply: Textile reinforcement to increase adhesion between hose body and cover

    Cover: Weathering and abrasion resistant rubber compound

    Fittings: Built-in steel nipples with flanges to suit customer requirements.


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  6. Conti BC Marina

    Type: Petroleum Rubber Hose

    Application: BC Marina is for dispensing gasoline to pleasure craft and commercial boats at fresh and salt water marinas, compatible with fuels up to E10 and B5. This hose is UL 330


    and CUL approved.


    Tube: Nitrile synthetic rubber (ORS).

    Cover: Black Chemivic® synthetic rubber (ORS).

    Temperature: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)

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  7. Ecodora Stainless Steel Air/Water Reel

    Type : Stainless Steel Air/Water Reel

    Description: Stainless Steel Hose Reel 

    Use: Corrosive Environments, Manufacturing Plants, Commercial Kitchens, Marine, Hygienic Environments, Food Processing, Food Grade Wash-down.

    Applications: Ecodora hose reels have an excellent versatility and can be used for most applications including industries, workshops, service stations, garages, agriculture, building, and many others; equipped with a high quality Polyurethane hose they are the ideal tools for transferring water, detergent and air with max temperature of 70°C and max pressure of 20 bar.

    Feature: Strong stainless steel frame, High tension spring, stainless swivel joint, rated to 100 Bar

    Installation: Floor, Wall (within 4m height)

    Construction: Heavy gauge 316 Stainless Steel body, roller guide to protect hose during use

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  8. Eolo Termoresistente PVC

    Type: PVC - Eolo Termoresistente

    Grey hose made of flame resistant PVC coated with polyester fabric, reinforced with a steel wire. The steel helix is welded between 2 fabric layers.

    Axial compressibility 8:1.

    Colour: Grey

    Temperature range: From -20°C to 100°C (peaks 120°C)

    Features: Flexible duct made of flame resistant Pvc coated polyester fabric and reinforced by steel helix welded between the two layers.

    Axial compressibility: 8:1

    Applications: Industrial and naval conditioning plants, ventilation systems, suction of fumes, vapors, powders, gas


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  9. Etna Lloyds Wet Exhaust Boat Hose

    Type: Rubber - Marine wet exhaust gas hose

    Standards: Nordic Boat Standard MC9 with homologation VTT. Lloyd’s Register LR Rules and Regulations for special service craft.

    Application: hard wall corrugated hose, flexible and lightweight, used to convey wet gas exhaust mixed with water in pleasure boats.

    Temperature: from -30°C (-22°F) to +100°C(+212°F).


    Tube: black, smooth, synthetic rubber, gas exhaust resistant

    Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord plus steel helix wire.

    Cover: black, corrugated (wrapped finish), flame retardant synthetic rubber, weathering resistant.


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  10. GS VulcoFlex

    Application: Heavy-duty flexible hose designed to replace straight or curved coolant hose. The benefit is maximum coverage with minimum inventory.Hose inside diameter remains constant from end to end. Excellent flexibility, yet collapse and kink resistant. Engineered to resist electrochemical degradation – the leading cause of hose failure.

    Temperature:-40°C to +125°C continuous service.

    CAUTION: Do not use for fuel or oil transfer applications.


    Tube: Type P (EPDM). Black.

    Reinforcement: Extra strength fabric reinforcement with helical steel wire.

    Cover: Type A (Neoprene). Black. Heat Resistant. Packaging: 5 lengths coiled in carton 

    For your safety: Use permanent fittings only. Standards: Tube: SAE 20R5 Type EC Class D-2.

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  11. Koreel Stainless Steel Air/Water Reel

    Type: Air/Water Reel

    Use: Corrosive Environments, Manufacturing Plants, Commercial Kitchens, Marine, Hygienic Environments, Food Processing, Food Grade Wash-down

    Feature: Strong stainless steel frame, High tension spring

    Installation: Floor, Wall (within 4m height)

    Construction: Heavy gauge 304 Stainless Steel body, roller guide to protect hose during use

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  12. KOSHIN PGH-50 Thermoplastic Centrifugal Pumps

    Type: Pumps for seawater and chemicals

    For use in the agriculture industry, fishery and seafaring we have pumps for seawater and chemicals.

    • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) for pump casing, impeller and volute casing. 
    • EPDM and Carbon Ceramic for mechanical seal. 
    • SUS for all bolts and washers. 
    • Powered by strong and durable engine

    The PGH-50 is a high quality self-priming 2" pump of Koshin Ltd. Pump casing, impeller and volute casing are made of PET, EPDM and carbon ceramic for mechanical seal, stainless steel for all bolts and washers. The delivery volume of this pump is max. 560 L/min, or a total head of up to 26m. The product has a rollover frame, 2" inlet and outlet, PET pump housing, rugged four-stroke Honda engine, low oil alert, 2.5-liter fuel tank, engine tool, and 2 nipples.

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  13. Marine Master Fuel Line (SAE 30R7)

    Application: Fuel line applications to provide flexible connections between rigid fuel distribution lines and the engine. Also for use in evaporative emission control systems and as a vent line.

    CAUTION: Not recommended for fuel injection systems.

    Temperature: -40°C to +125°C continuous service.


    Tube: Type C (Nitrile). Black. Oil, gasoline and gasohol resistant.
    Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile textile.
    Cover: Type C2 (NBR/PVC). Black. Fuel, oil, ozone and high temperature resistant.
    Design Factor: 4:1

    Standards: Exceeds requirements of SAE 30R6 and SAE 30R7.
    Hose is NMMA type accepted.
    Tube: ARPM (Class A) High oil resistance.

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  14. Marineflex Bilge Black PVC

    Type: PVC Suction - Bilge Hose Black

    Features: Black PVC hose with a rigid PVC helix. Excellent flexibility.

    Applications: Discharge hose for Bilge pumps. Dust extraction ducting. Cable conduit.

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  15. Piusi Amalfi Marine DC Pumps

    AMALFI 1

    Bilge pumping.
    Bilge pumps with excellent suction and pressure ability. Solid particles and debris can be handle without damaging the pump. Should be installed in a dry, well ventilated position above, but as close to the liquid as possible.
    As the pumps must not be run dry, it is recommended to combine it with automatic switch that cuts off the current to the pump when the bilge is dry. For automatic / manual bilge pumping, the pump can be combined with bilge control panel.

    Must not be run dry.

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  16. Piusi Garda Marine AC Pumps
    GARDA 5 - Gear pumps - AC version

    Self priming gear electric pumps suitable for lubricants and viscous liquids

    • Stainless steel shaft
    • Bronze gear
    • Pumps are built in for continuous use
    • Can be mounted on any position
    • Motor equipped with thermal protection
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  17. Plutone PK Chemical PVC S&D

    Type: PVC Suction - Oil/Chemical S&D Hose

    Colour: smooth white liner and green cover with a violet longitudinal identification stripe.
    Temperature range: - 30 °C + 80 °C

    Features:  robust hose dedicated to the chemical industry, suitable for suction and delivery. Good resistance to aging, weather conditions and ozone. White/beige TPV inline, reinforced with steel spiral and polyester yarn. 

    Cover: TPV cover with longitudinal violet stripe. The cover is completely smooth to reduce friction and dirt collection while using it.

    Applications: for suction and delivery of acids, alcali and chemicals of various kind. For detailed information, please look at the chemical chart. 
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  18. Poseidon EXTR Fuel Line A1 Boat Hose

    Type : Rubber - Marine Petrol Hose, A1 type

    Flexible hose for conveying petrol and diesel oil at low pressure for crafts with permanently installed inboard engines, fire resistant.

    European Directive 2013/53/UE, ISO 7840:13 A1 E10/B10 compatible, RINA approved. SAE J 1527:11 USCG type A1.

    hose suitable for conveying petrol and diesel oil at low pressure, fire resistant for small craft (up to 24 m) with permanently installed inboard engines.

    Temperature: from -20 °C (-4 °F) to +100 °C (+212 °F).
    Branding: IVG POSEIDON/EXTR -anno-id-ISO 7840:13-A1 E10/B10 COMPATIBLE - CE -DIP003717VE/003 RINA - SAEJ 1527:11 - USCG TYPE A1 - NMMA Type accepted.


    Tube: black, seamless synthetic rubber compound, resistant to oils and fuels, whit aromatic content up to 50%.
    Reinforcementhigh strength synthetic fabrics.
    Coverblack, fire resistant, seamless synthetic rubber compound, resistant to ageing, greases, weather and heat.
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  19. PVC Air Breather

    Description: Air Breathing Hose

    Recommended Use: Designed for use in commercial deep sea diving and industrial air breathing applications.


    * Conforms to AS/NZS 2299.1-2007 (occupational diving operations) & AS/NZS 1716:2003 (respiratory protective devices). 

    * Kink resistant with high visibility yellow outer cover

    * Excellent UV stability

    * Inner tube is manufactured using medical grade PVC to avoid odour

    * Working pressure 2.4 mpa - 348 psi @ 20°c


    Inner core: White medical grade PVC with a smooth finish

    Reinforcing: High tenacity polyester yarn

    Outer cover: UV stabilised yellow Non Toxic PVC with a smooth finish


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  20. PVC LPG

    Type :  PVC LPG Hose 

    Suitable for LPG & Natural Gas, BBQ & Cooker hoses, high & low pressure applications and much more.


    • Class C hose
    • AGA Approved
    • Designed and approved to AS 1869
    • Working Pressure: 2.6mPa
    • Min Temp: -20°C
    • Max Temp: +65°C
    • 50mtr coils, or by the metre

    Temperature: -20°C to +65°C


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