Copper Tube

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Copper Tube

Description: Copper tubes easy to work with and to install. It is corrosion and ultraviolet resistant, has excellent thermal conductivity, and is antimicrobia, making it impossible for bacteria to grow


  • The rigidity of copper piping allows long runs with fewer fasteners

  • Copper piping can be easily bent around obstructions, minimising the need for joints and reducing installation time

  • With a small relative diameter compared to plastic piping, and slimline joints, copper is ideal in tight spots

  • Copper is antimicrobia - meaning bacteria won't grow in piping

  • Copper piping won't corrode, making it ideal for external use

  • Copper piping is highly resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays

  • Durable copper piping is the cost-effective choice over the long-term

  • Unlike plastic piping, non-inflammable copper does not produce toxic gases in a fire

Application: Drinking Water, Central Heating, Sanitation, Hot and cold water, Gas, Various engineering

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Part Number Name Outer Diameter
30-2005 Copper Refrig. Tube 3/16"OD 3/16"
30-2006 Copper Refrig. Tube 1/4"OD 1/4"
30-2008 Copper Refrig. Tube 5/16"OD 5/16"
30-2010 Copper Refrig. Tube 3/8"OD 3/8"
30-2013 Copper Refrig. Tube 1/2"OD 1/2"

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