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  1. Copper Tube

    Description: Copper tubes easy to work with and to install. It is corrosion and ultraviolet resistant, has excellent thermal conductivity, and is antimicrobia, making it impossible for bacteria to grow


    • The rigidity of copper piping allows long runs with fewer fasteners

    • Copper piping can be easily bent around obstructions, minimising the need for joints and reducing installation time

    • With a small relative diameter compared to plastic piping, and slimline joints, copper is ideal in tight spots

    • Copper is antimicrobia - meaning bacteria won't grow in piping

    • Copper piping won't corrode, making it ideal for external use

    • Copper piping is highly resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays

    • Durable copper piping is the cost-effective choice over the long-term

    • Unlike plastic piping, non-inflammable copper does not produce toxic gases in a fire

    Application: Drinking Water, Central Heating, Sanitation, Hot and cold water, Gas, Various engineering

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  2. Premier Garden Hose

    Type: Heavy Duty Garden Hose


    - Conforms to AS2620

    - Excellent U.V. Resistance to withstand extreme Australian conditions.

    - Working Pressure 700kpa – 101 psi


    Inner core Black flexible PVC with smooth finish

    Reinforcing High tenacity polyester yarn

    Outer cover UV stabilised translucent green PVC


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  3. PVC LPG

    Type :  PVC LPG Hose 

    Suitable for LPG & Natural Gas, BBQ & Cooker hoses, high & low pressure applications and much more.


    • Class C hose
    • AGA Approved
    • Designed and approved to AS 1869
    • Working Pressure: 2.6mPa
    • Min Temp: -20°C
    • Max Temp: +65°C
    • 50mtr coils, or by the metre

    Temperature: -20°C to +65°C


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  4. Superflex Garden Hose


    • Manufactured to Australian Standard AS 2620.

    • Excellent UV resistance to withstand extreme Australian conditions.

    • Working pressure 1200 kpa.

    • 10 year guarantee*.

    • Diameter: 12mm & 18mm

    • Lengths: 18, 30 and 100 meters.


    • Inner core: Black Flexible PVC.

    • Reinforcing: High tenacity polyester yarn

    • Outer Cover: UV Stabilised Green PVC with a bold red stripe.

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