Smooth Bore XLPE Hose for Suction & Discharge Type 341X

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Smooth Bore XLPE Hose for Suction & Discharge Type 341X

Application: Type 341X hoses have an outstanding chemical resistance. The use of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) for the lining allows the hose to handle some 90% of all industrial chemicals, with the exception of strong oxidising agents such as nitric and chromic acids.
Lightweight and superb chemical resistance, rather than flexibility, are the main characterisations of the 341X.

Working / Burst Pressures: 14 / 56 Bar

Operating Temperature (all sizes): -20°C to +60°C

Lining: Main XLPE lining.

Main reinforcement: Multiple plies of high tenacity rayon cord designed for a combination of high strength and resistance to fatigue. Each layer is fully encapsulated in rubber to prevent abrasion with adjacent layers.

Embed wire: Helical steel wire to resist collapse and crush loads

Holding ply: Textile reinforcement to increase adhesion between hose body and cover

Cover: Weathering and abrasion resistant rubber compound

Fittings: Swaged-on stems and ferrules with flanges to customer requirements


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