Smooth Bore Oil Suction & Discharge Hose - Type 283

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Smooth Bore Oil Suction & Discharge Hose - Type 283

Application: Lightweight, flexible hoses offering easy handling. Generally used at dockside and jetty locations where the working conditions do not call for high crush resistance or tensile strength.

Working / Burst Pressures: 15 / 60 Bar

Lining:  Synthetic rubber compound for petroleum products with an aromatic content up to 60%

Main reinforcement:  Multiple plies of high tenacity rayon cord designed for a combination of high strength and resistance to fatigue. Each layer is fully encapsulated in rubber to prevent abrasion with adjacent layers.

Embed wire: Helical steel wire to resist collapse and crush loads

Holding ply: Textile reinforcement to increase adhesion between hose body and cover

Cover: Weathering and abrasion resistant rubber compound

Fittings: Built-in steel nipples with flanges to suit customer requirements


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