Danoil AG Composite

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Danoil AG Composite

Type: Composite -  Oil suction and discharge hoses

Description:  This light weight hose is designed for suction and discharge of road and rail tankers, of all oil and petroleum products. The hose is similar to Danoil 7 AG except with a polyamide (nylon) lining. It is therefore particularly suitable for the transfer of Biofuels and unleaded petrol, as a lighter option to and / or where galvanised inner wire cannot be used.

Biofuels, and biodiesel in particular are not compatible with some alloys - degrading them over time. Therefore, lead solders, zinc linings, copper pipes, brass regulators, and any copper fittings should be avoided. Recommended metals for equipment are stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminium. Hose conforms to BSEN13765:2010.

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Part NumberNameInner Diameter
Working pressure
Temperature Rating
Weight nominal
Bending radius
Vacuum Listing
Vacuum Rating
( mm Hg)
Coil Length max
39 10064AG Danoil AG Composite 64mm  64  14/200  -30 to +100oC  2.5  205  0.9  750mm Hg  25
39 10076AG Danoil AG Composite 76mm  76  14/200  -30 to +100oC  3.0  280  0.9  750mm Hg  25
39 10102AGB Danoil AG Composite 102mm Blue  102  14/200  -30 to +100oC  5.2  395  0.9  750mm Hg  25
39 10102AGO Danoil AG Composite 102mm Orange  102  14/200  -30 to +100oC  5.2  395  0.9  750mm Hg  25

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