Teflon Hose (PTFE) Smooth Bore

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Teflon Hose (PTFE) Smooth Bore

Type: Teflon - Smoothbore Hose 

Description: Smoothbore hose comprises a straight PTFE tube liner and a stainless steel outer braid, and is the basic PTFE hose design being used successfully in many automotive and general-purpose applications. Aflex hose supply a range of sizes and options, including plastic or rubber outer covers over the braid, printed if required. Other applications include use with high-pressure steam and gasses, refrigerants, hot oils, and other hot or corrosive fluids.


Hose Liner: Seamless extruded PTFE tube. The extrusion, heat treatment and quality control programmes are designed to produce the best quality PTFE tube possible, ensuring minimum porosity and maximum fl exibility.

Hose Braid: Braided from AISI grade 304 stainless steel wire, bright hard drawn to a minimum 1700 N/mm2 tensile strength. The braiding process is closely controlled to ensure even tensions and the correct braid angle, to give minimum expansion/contraction under pressure.

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Part NumberNameInner Diameter
Outer Diameter
Working pressure
Weight nominal
Bending radius
43 SB06 Teflon Hose SB MW 6.5mm  6.5  8.50  240  0.093  60
43 SB10 Teflon Hose SB MW 9.5mm  9.5  11.75  190  0.124  80
43 SB13 Teflon Hose SB MW 12.7mm  12.7  14.95  140  0.207  110

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