Conti Blaudieck LGDU Food & Beverage

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Conti Blaudieck LGDU Food & Beverage

Description: The BLAUDIECK® LGDU-hose offers high quality at a reasonable price. The hygienically smooth, non-porous UPE lining free of plasticizers is absolutely neutral to taste and odour and thus suitable for various applications in the beverage and foodstuffs industry. It is extremely resistant to commonly used cleaning and disinfecting products and can easily be cleaned conventionally or by CIP installations. Both, lining and cover are resistant to oil, fats and aggressive chemicals such as acids and caustics. Together with our swaged coupling systems and rubber protection rings it becomes the ideal hose assembly. 

Marking:  2 white stripes on blue cover “Continental ContiTech BLAUDIECK® UPE FDA glass/fork symbol BfR EG 1935/2004 2023/2006 Made in Germany” spirally applied


- White, non-porous, smooth UPE lining, free of plasticizers, absolutely neutral to taste and odour

- Reinforcements: synthetic fibre

- Blue, fabric patterned NBR-cover, resistant to ozone, weather, UV and abrasion

- Suitable for pure alcohol up to 100%- Lining and cover resistant to oil and fats

- Meets the requirements of EG 1935/2004, EG 2023/2006 and EU 10/2011

- Meets the recommendation III of BfR and FDA (21 CFR 177.1520) 

Working pressure: up to 16 bar / 232 psi

Temperature: range from -30°C up to +95°C / -22°F up to +203°F (+110°C / +230 °F max. 60 minutes)

Can be steamed up to +130°C / +266°F (max. 30 minutes)

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Part Number Name Inner Diameter
Wall Thickness
Working Pressure
Brust Pressure
Bending Radius
10 71025 Blaudieck LGDU Beverage & Food Hose 25mm  25 6 16/232 48/696 150 750 40
10 71076 Blaudieck LGDU Beverage & Food Hose 76mm  76 12 16/232 48/696 500 3450 40

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