MPI Fuel Injection - Barricade

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MPI Fuel Injection - Barricade

Gates Barricade MPI Fuel Injection Hose protects against the fuel mixtures of today's modern fuels. Approved for use with Gasoline, Ethanol/Gasoline blends (gasohol) such as E10, E15 or E85, Diesel, Biodiesel including soybean methyl ester (SME), rapeseed methyl ester (RME), palm methyl ester (PME), Biodiesel/Diesel blends such as B20, and 100% Methanol.


> 225 psi
> Aramid Reinforcement Spiral Braid
> Exceeds SAE J3OR14T2 as well as low-permeation requirements for CARB
> Oil, Heat, Ozone & Abrasion-Resistant Cover

Temperature Rating: -40° F to 275° F (-40° C to 135° C) continuous, up to 302°F (150°C) intermitten

Note: Do not submerse in gasoline.

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Part Number Name Inner Diameter
Outer Diameter
Working pressure 
10 4006l Gates MPI Fuel Injection 6mm 6 12.7 225
10 4008l Gates MPI Fuel Injection 8mm 8 14.3 225
10 4010l Gates MPI Fuel Injection 10mm 10 15.9 225

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