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  1. Apollo Super Elastic PVC S&D

    Type: PVC Suction - Super Elastic S&D Hose

    Colour: light blue with an extruded red stripe.
    Temperature range: - 25°C + 60°C
    Features: Pvc hose reinforced with an anti-shock rigid Pvc spiral. 
    Special formulation particularly suitable to be used at low temperatures. Inside surface smooth, light corrugation outside. Strong and flexible, resistant to crushing, abrasion, atmospherical agents and most chemicals.
    Applications: excellent for suction in general, particularly suitable to be used on tank trucks thanks to its physical- mechanical features.
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  2. Bauer Ball Complete Male with Strainer & Lever

    Type: Male Bauer Ball complete with Suction strainer and Lever Closure Ring


    - Hot dipped, galvanized

    Applications: The primary application for these fittings are irrigation and suction lines. Connectors for irrigation suction hose, heavy duty mining suction slurry line, and waster water suction line.


    - Quick connect and disconnect

    - Up to 30° bending angle at the coupling joint whilst maintaining maximum flow

    - Ideal for difficult sites

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  3. Bauer Complete Hosetail Set

    Type: Bauer Complete Hosetail Set

    Applications: Connectors for irrigation suction and delivery hose, heavy duty mining suction and delivery slurry line, medium vacuum line and waster water suction and delivery line.


    - Hot dipped, galvanized



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  4. Boat Sanitary Star

    Type : Rubber - Boat Sanitary Hose

    Description: Flexible, pleasure boat sanitary hose, odourless and odor impermeable, according to EN ISO 8099.

    Specifications: EN ISO 8099.

    hardwall flexible hose designed to convey water used for water supply and sanitary connections in boats. Completely odourless, and odor impermeable. “The hose is guaranted for at least 5 years against permation of smells”.

    Temperature: from -30°C (-22°F) to +100°C (+212°F).
    Brand: IVG


    Tube: white, smooth, synthetic rubber, completely odourless and odor impermeable.
    Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord plus steel helix wire.
    Cover: white, smooth (wrapped finish), synthetic rubber, resistant to sea agents.

    Available upon request
    1.Different diameters.
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  5. Marte AO Oil Resist PVC S&D Blue

    Type: PVC Suction - Oil/Chemical S&D Hose

    Colour: blue
    Temperature range: from – 10°C to + 60°C (14F / 140F)
    Features: hose in special antimigration PVC compound reinforced with an antishock rigid PVC spiral, it’s resistant to abrasion, aging, atmospheric agents and ozone. Available on request also in the antistatic version.
    Applications: for suction and delivery of mineral oil, lubricants, crude oils (naphta and diesel oil).
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  6. Oroflex 10 Layflat

    Type: Rubber Layfalt Hose

    Colour: Black. Composition: Synthetic rubber and Polyester-Polyamide textile.

    Surface: Ribbed for maximum abrasion resistance.

    Service Temperature: -20 º'baC to + 80 º'baC

    Standard Length: 30-60 m (up to 200 m to order). High abrasion resistance.

    Brand: Tipsa

    Application: • Sewage pumps • Drainage pumps • Transfers • Drainage • Irrigation installations • Pumping of sludge and liquid fertilizers • Temporary installations (by-passes) • Cable and sling protection covers • Irrigation guns

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  7. Oroflex 20 Layflat

    Type: Layflat Hose


    Composition:Synthetic rubber and Polyester-Polyamide textile.

    Surface: Fine ribbed, highly resistant to abrasion.

    Service Temperature: >From -20 ºC to + 80 ºC

    Standard Length: 60 m (up to 200 m to order).

    Brand: Tipsa

    Applications: Air compressors for road and construction work • Compressors for drilling machinery • Pumping of high performance liquids • Applications requiring very high resistance to abrasion

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  8. PVC Superwash

    Type: PVC Washdown Hose Cold Superwash 

    Feature: Excellent UV resistance, Good resistance to abrasion, White cover for good visibility.

    Applications: Recommended for industrial and rural wash-down and general watering applications.

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