Plant Master Xtreme 501 - Terminator

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Plant Master Xtreme 501 - Terminator

Description: Terminator is one tough hose with a rugged cover for outstanding abrasion resistance and extended service life where constant flexing and bending is required. This top-of-the-line premium oil-resistant hose is designed for applications involving air, oil, and water. As well as grease sprays, paraffin waxes, salt solutions, and a variety of chemicals. It offers excellent durability for extra long life in mining, air drill, construction, poultry plants, abattoirs, quarries, shipyards, food processing, railroads, and other severe service environments.

Excellent weather and ozone resistance, and nonconductive at 1000 volts D.C.

Temperature: -40°C to +100°C continuous service.


Tube: Type C (Nitrile). Black. RMA (Class A) high oil resistance.

Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile textile cord.

Cover: Type C4 (Carboxylated Nitrile).Yellow.


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Part Number Name Inner Diameter
Outer Diameter
Working pressure 
(mm Hg)
Bending Radius
Weight nominal 
10 1713 Plant Master501 (Terminator) 13mm 13 26.6 501 635 127 0.36
10 1719 Plant Master501 (Terminator) 19mm 19 31.0 501 381 152 0.62
10 1725 Plant Master501 (Terminator) 25mm 25 38.4 501 254 203 0.85
10 1732 Plant Master501 (Terminator) 32mm 32 45.2 501 254 254 1.08
10 1738 Plant Master501 (Terminator) 38mm 38 53.1 501 254 305 1.44

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