Polypropylene Camlock Type B

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Polypropylene Camlock Type B

Type: Polypropylene Camlock Type B 

Type B couplers are generally used with the same size Type F adapters, however, Type A and E adapters are compatible, as well as the DP (Dust Plug)

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Part Number Name    Size 
54 01303P Polyprop Camlock 13-B   13
54 01903P Polyprop Camlock 19-B   19
54 02503P Polyprop Camlock 25-B   25
54 03203P Polyprop Camlock 32-B   32
54 03803P Polyprop Camlock 38-B   38
54 05103P Polyprop Camlock 51-B   51
54 06403P Polyprop Camlock 64-B   64
54 07603P Polyprop Camlock 76-B   76
54 10203P Polyprop Camlock 102-B   102

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