Koreel Air Reel

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Koreel Air Reel

Type : Air

Use: Various workshops, perfect for use with small to medium air tools, one of our biggest sellers

Feature: Light weight, Flexible hose, Easy to install

Installation: Floor, Wall (within 4m height) or ceiling

Construction: Steel body powder coated in yellow, roller guide to protect hose during use

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Part NumberNameHose ID :Length
90-KRA815N Koreel Air Reel spring Rewind,08mmx15m PU Hose,150PSI 8mm 15m
90-KRA825N Koreel Air Reel spring Rewind,08mmx25m PU Hose,150PSI 8mm 25m
90-KRA1115N Koreel Air Reel spring Rewind,11mmx15m PU Hose,150PSI 11mm 15m

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