Conti Flexsteel Petrol

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Conti Flexsteel Petrol

Description: Flexsteel Petrol Pump hose is a premium hardwall hose which offers the ultimate in kink resistance, low volumetric expansion, service life, and reliability. Meeting the performance criteria of AS2683-1989 Type 4. Grade 2. Kind 1 & 2 and BS3395-1989 Type 3. It is single braid of high tensile wire reinforcing, coupled with Continental ContiTech®'s specially developed compounds (intrinsically conducting), make this the safest and most durable hose available for this application 


Tube: Black Chemigum· (Nitrile).
Cover: Black Chemivic· (Nitrile blend).
Reinforcement: Single braided high tensile wire.

Temperature: -29°C to 82°C

Type 4, Grade 2, Kind 1 & 2 250 Kpa W.P


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Part Number Name Inner Diameter Outer Diameter
Working Pressure Weight
    (mm) (mm) (PSI) (Kpa) (kg/m)
10 46016 Conti Flexsteel Petrol 16mm 16 26.14 36 250 0.64
10 46019  Conti Flexsteel Petrol 19mm 19 31.75 36 250 0.68
10 46025  Conti Flexsteel Petrol 25mm  25 35.28 36 250 0.78

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