Chem Master Plus XLPE 200 - Mustang

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Chem Master Plus XLPE 200 - Mustang

Recommended for: Tank truck, barge, ship or storage tank transfer of a variety of chemical products. Mustang® contains a wire helix for full suction capability, as well as for routing hoses through tight bends. Its Modified Cross-linked Polyethylene tube stock is “best in class” for maintaining a tight seal with stainless steel fittings, (see Gatron™ information below) and is designed for cleaning with “open end” 50 PSI steam or in a bath containing 10% (NaOH) @ 100°C. Cleaning in place (CIP) methods may be used.

Not recommended for “closed steam” cleaning.

Applications include over 950 basic chemicals that are building blocks for numerous chemicals used in a variety of industries.

NOTE: For applications requiring greater than 90% sulphuric acid contact Gates Customer Service.

Temperature:-40°C to +121°C normal service. Mustang® is designed to withstand fluid temperatures to +121°C; however the rating is dependent on the specific chemical conveyed.

Contact Gates Customer Service for any chemical above +52°C.


Tube: Type K (Gatron™ Modified Cross-linked Polyethylene). Tan. High chemical resistance.

Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile textile with steel wire helix for full suction capability and flexibility.

Cover: Type P (EPDM). Black corrugated with orange spiral stripe. Packaging: 30m length coiled and wrapped in polyethylene.. Branding: Continuous transfer label.

Example: Mustang® Acid-Chemical Suction/ Discharge 200 PSI (1.38MPa) WP 

Note: New naming system to be implemented as a running change.

For your safety: Use Permanent Couplings above 125°F.

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Part Number Name Inner Diameter
Outer Diameter
Working pressure 
(mm Hg)
Min. Bend Radius
10 8019 Chem Master Plus XLPE 200 (Mustang) 19mm 19 31.8 200 762 102
10 8025 Chem Master Plus XLPE 200 (Mustang) 25mm 25 38.1 200 762 127
10 8032 Chem Master Plus XLPE 200 (Mustang) 32mm 32 44.5 200 762 152
10 8038 Chem Master Plus XLPE 200 (Mustang) 38mm 38 51.8 200 762 203
10 8051 Chem Master Plus XLPE 200 (Mustang) 51mm 51 64.5 200 762 229
10 8064 Chem Master Plus XLPE 200 (Mustang) 64mm 64 77.5 150 762 305
10 8076 Chem Master Plus XLPE 200 (Mustang) 76mm 76 90.9 150 762 457
10 8102 Chem Master Plus XLPE 200 (Mustang) 102mm 102 119.1 125 762 610




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