BAND-IT Valuclip

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BAND-IT Valuclip


Description: BAND-IT® Valuclips are used on BAND-IT® Band, BAND-IT® Band with COLOR-IT®, BAND-FAST®, VALU-STRAP, VALU-STRAP PLUS, Valuband, 304 Stainless Steel Band, and 316 Stainless Steel Band. Clip can hold a single or double wrapped band configuration

Type: Stainless Steel ValuClip

Brand: BAND-IT

Applications: Utilized in light duty and general use banding applications. Used frequently for cable bundling, insulation and hose bundling applications

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Part NumberName
70 C153 Bandit C153 Valclip
70 C154 Bandit C154 Valclip
70 C155 Bandit C155 Valclip
70 C156 Bandit C156 Valclip

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