BAND-IT Valu-strap

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BAND-IT Valu-strap

Brand: BAND-IT

Type: Stainless Steel Valu-Strap

BAND-IT® VALU-STRAP™ Band is the light duty stainless steel banding used in applications ranging from strapping to bundling. May be 200 or 300 series Stainless Steel. Typically non-magnetic, this economy steel is suitable for light duty applications when the benefits of stainless steel are required. Also known as Value Series Stainless Steel.

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Part NumberName
70 C133 Bandit C133 Valstrap
70 C134 Bandit C134 Valstrap
70 C135 Bandit C135 Valstrap
70 C136 Bandit C136 Valstrap

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