BAND-IT Ultra Lok Clamps

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BAND-IT Ultra Lok Clamps

Description: Designed for quick installation, highest clamping force and gap-free inside diameter. The best choice for demanding applications. Smooth inside diameter designed to eliminate leak paths


- Strongest band clamping system available
- Double wrapped 201SS for superior strength
- Unique lock formed under full tension maximizes tightness
- Thicker buckle is 2-3 times stronger than other preformed clamps
- Smooth inside diameter designed to eliminate leak paths
- Buckle hood protects lock from snags

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Part NumberName
70 UL227 Bandit UL227 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*50
70 UL210 Bandit UL210 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*70
70 UL211 Bandit UL211 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*76
70 UL212 Bandit UL212 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*89
70 UL213 Bandit UL213 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*102
70 UL214 Bandit UL214 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*114
70 UL215 Bandit UL215 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*127
70 UL216 Bandit UL216 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*152
70 UL217 Bandit UL217 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*165
70 UL218 Bandit UL218 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*177
70 UL219 Bandit UL219 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*203
70 UL228 Bandit UL228 Ultra Lok Clamp 19*228
70 UL291 Bandit UL291 Ultra Lok Clamp 13*102

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