BAND-IT Giant Band

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BAND-IT Giant Band

Brand: BAND-IT

Type: Stainless Steel Giant Band

BAND-IT® Giant Band is tough where tough counts. Giant Band produces the strongest band clamp on the market. Giant Band can be formed into a single or double wrapped clamp configuration, and offers the widest and thickest band to provide maximum strength. Available in 201 SS bright or matte finish

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Part NumberName
70 G430 Bandit G430 Giant Band 19mm
70 G431 Bandit G431 Giant Band 25mm
70 G432 Bandit G432 Giant Band 32mm
70 G440 Bandit G440 Giant Buckle 19mm
70 G441 Bandit G441 Giant Buckle 25mm
70 G442 Bandit G442 Giant Buckle 32mm

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