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Adapflex Endless Banding and Housing
Ag Master 150/200/300 - Gates Adapta Flex Multipurpose Hose
Alaska High Pressure Air Hose IVG Air Alaska Steel Reinforced Compressed Air Hose
Apollo SE PVC Suction and Delivery Hose, Light Blue
Arianna 20 bar air, water and Agricultural spray hose PVC Pressure Hose
Arianna 40 Bar IPL Arianna 40 Bar
Arianna PU Air Hose PU Pressure Hose
Bauer Quick Coupling Bauer Quick Coupling
Bolt Clamps Malleable Iron 2 and 4 Bolt Clamps
Camlock Couplings Quick Release Couplings
Chem Master Paint Spray 77B Paint and Solvent Spray Hose
Conveyor Belt - Atlas Super Abrasion Super Adbrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt - HCD Conti Conveyor Economical Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt - HCD RCK Heavy Duty Belt for Aggregate, Coal, Fertiliser and Abrasion
Conveyor Belt - HCD Rubber Cleat Face Moulded Cleat Face for Increased Incline Installation
Conveyor Belt - HCD Rubber Roadmaker Conveyor Belt for Hot Bitumen
Conveyor Bolt Solid Fastner System Conveyor Fastner
Conveyor Brush Cleaner Flexco Chevron Conveyor Belt Cleaner
Conveyor Cleaner Solid Blade Precleaner
Conveyor Cleaner V-Plow V-Plow conveyor belt cleaner
Conveyor Hinged Fastner System Conveyor fastner
Conveyor Skirt Clamp Flex-Lok Skirt Clamp
Conveyor Staple Fastner System Flexco Alligator Staple Fastner
Emair / Montreal Air and Water Delivery Hose IVG Montreal / Emair Rubber Hose for Delivery of Air and Water
Flexible Stainless Steel Hose Stainless Steel Hose with Stainless Steel Wire Braid
Fras Air Water Hose IVG Air Fras Hose
Gates 319MB Rubber Air Hose Steel Reinforced Air Hose
Gates Plant Master Plus - Duroflex Multi-Purpose Air Water Hose
Geco Hose Reel Hand wind Steel Hose Reels
Hercules 100% EDPM Rubber Wall
Hot Tar and Asphalt Rubber Hose Hot Bitumen Rubber Hose
Hydraulic Hose and Fittings ENZED 24/7 Mobile Hose Doctor Service
Instantaneous Couplings Fire and Contractors Instantaneous Couplings
Kanaflex Banding Coil PVC Banding Coil
Kanaflex Power Lock Clamp Double Bolt Clamp for Corrugated Hose
KDP 50X Koshin Diaphragm Pump
KDP 80X Koshin Diaphragm Pump
Koshin Hidels 2 Stroke SEV-25L Pump SEV-25L Koshin engine portable water pump
Koshin Hidels Trash and Water Pump SEH-25 and SEH-80 Honda engine water pump
Koshin High Liter Pump Transfer a 200 liter (55 gallon) drum in just 2 minutes
Koshin Semi-Trash STV Series Pump Petrol Driven Semi-Trash Water Pump 50mm and 80mm
Koshin Water Pump Hidels SEV Series Petrol Driven Water Pump 50mm and 80mm
Marte PVC Oil Suction and Delivery Hose PVC Suction and Delivery Hose, Dark Blue
Mercurio Medium PVC Layflat Hose Medium Pressure PVC Layflat Hose
Metalic Expansion Joint Single Expansion Joint (SEJ)
Minsup Claw Couplings Minsup and Surelock Claw Couplings
Niagara Plaster and Cement Delivery Hose IVG Niagara Rubber Cement, Plaster and Gypsum Hose
Oil Seven Hot Tar and Bitumen Hose IVG Oil Seven Rubber Bitumen and Tar Hose
Orinoco Sand Blast Hose IVG Orinoco Rubber Sand Blast Hose
Oroflex 10 Nitrile rubber reinforced layflat hose, black cover
Oroflex 20 Nitrile rubber layflat hose, yellow cover
Piusi Air / Water Case Hose Reel Piusi Spring Rewind Air / Water Case Hose Reel
Piusi Diesel Hose Reel Piusi Spring Rewind Diesel Hose Reels
Piusi Nozzle - Manual Diesel, Oil, Petrol, Water Nozzles
Piusi Oil Hose Case Reel Piusi Spring Rewind Oil Hose Case Reel
Piusi Oil Hose Reel Piusi Spring Rewind Oil Hose Reel
Piusi Pump Battery Kit Portable Diesel Transfer Pump 12V DC - 24V DC
Piusi Pump BIPump DC 12V-24V DC Fuel Transfer Pump
Piusi Pump Hand Pump Drum Pumps
Piusi Pump Panther DC 12v - 24V DC Diesel Transfer Pump
Piusi Pump Pico Diesel Transfer Pump Both 12V-24V and 230V Drum Fuel Transfer Pump
Piusi Pump Vantage Diesel Transfer Pump Pump with performance monitoring technology
Piusi Vantage Dry Break Coupling and Lockable Foot Valve High flow, low pressure dry break coupling. Lockable Foot valve
Plant Master Xtreme - Gates Terminator Multi-Purpose Rubber Hose Premium Multi-Purpose Hose
Plant Mater Xtreme (250-315) Gates Premoflex air water and oil hose General Purpose Rubber Hose
Pnue Blue Air Hose PVC Pressure Hose
PVC Layflat Hose Flat Polyester Reinforced PVC Hose
Quik Lok An advanced air control valve providing improved safety & productivity in the workplace
Rectus Series 14 Brass Aro 210 Interchangeable Coupler
Rectus Series 14KE Aro 210 interchangeable Safety Lock Coupling
Rectus Series 22KA Nickel Plated Aro 210 Interchangeable Hi Flow Coupler
Rectus Series 25KS Ultra Flow Coupler suitable for Air Breathing Application
Rectus/Tema Hydraulic Coupling Steel and Brass IB Series Hydraulic Coupling
Saturno PVC Suction and Delivery Hose for Water
Shannon Concrete Delivery Hose IVG Shannon Wire Reinforced Concrete Delivery Hose
Single Sphere Rubber Connector Rubber Expansion Joint
Stainless Steel Hose Stainless Steel Seismec Joints
Sunny Heavy Duty Red Layflat Hose Heavy Duty PVC Layflat Hose
Sunny Light Duty Blue Hose Light Duty PVC Layflat Hose
Tapflo Tapflo Product Catalogue
Tema Hydraulic Coupling IF Series Dry Break Hydraulic Coupling
Tema Hydraulic Coupling Low Pressure Drop, Hi Flow Hydraulic Coupling
Toronto Water Suction and Delivery Hose IVG Toronto Rubber Hose for Suction and Delivery of Water
Truck Don Bulk Materials Handling Hose IVG Truck Don Hose for Abrasive Materials
Twin Sphere Rubber Connector Rubber Expansion Joint
Water Amburgo Suction and Delivery Hose IVG Rubber Corrugated Suction and Delivery Hose. Cuffed Ends
Whip Check Safety Whip Check
Whip Check Two Eye Safety Wire Hose Restraint