Conti Red Variflex Multipurpose

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Conti Red Variflex Multipurpose

Description: ConiTech’s Variflex hose is a high-quality and economical air hose for general purpose industrial air service, compressor lines, pneumatic tools and low-pressure spray. Featuring moderate oil and electrical resistance, the range – made up 300 psi – is versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications.  


  • Non-conductive rubber technology  

  • High oil resistance (RMA Class A)  

  • Reinforced for extra strength and flexibility  

  • Ideal for -29 °C to 88 °C temperature range  

  • Hoses cut to length for any application  

Construction: Variflex hoses range using highly effective protective coverings, inner reinforcement and high-grade synthetic rubber technology.  

Tube: Nitrile synthetic rubber, RMA Class A (high oil resistance)  
Cover: Red, Blue or Black Chemivic™ synthetic rubber, RMA Class A (High Oil Resistance)
Reinforcement: Spiral synthetic yarn 

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Part Number Name Inner Diameter
Outer Diameter
Working pressure 
10 1306C Conti Red Variflex 6mm 6 12.7 300
10 1308C Conti Red Variflex 8mm   8 13.5 300
10 1310C Conti Red Variflex 10mm 10 16.8 300
10 1313C Conti Red Variflex 13mm 13 20.6 300
10 1316C Conti Red Variflex 16mm 16 24.6 300
10 1319C Conti Red Variflex 19mm 19 28.2 300
10 1325C Conti Red Variflex 25mm 25 35.6 300
10 1332C Conti Red Variflex 32mm 32 - 300
10 1338C Conti Red Variflex) 38mm 38 - 300

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